"Greetings, Dena. As always, I have time only for a brief message. I trust that you understand that the brevity of our communication does not reflect the magnitude of your contribution to the Rebellion."
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Dena Tredway was a female Human who was the daughter of the Jedi Knight Axton Tredway and the sister of the Rebel Alliance agent Erling Tredway. During the Galactic Civil War, Dena joined the Rebel Alliance at the urging of Rebel leader, Mon Mothma. As a Rebel agent, Dena secretly used her brother's ability to determine hyperspace coordinates through the Force to help the Rebellion find suitable Rebel bases. However, during the operation, her brother was captured by Governor-General Sebastian Parnell for stirring up revolt in the Sil'Lume asteroid belt. At the same time, Parnell attacked Dena's home of 24 Tredway, badly injuring her. She was able to survive the attack thanks to the help of her droid D435, but she was in no shape to escape her asteroid home and was confined to the secret Medical Station One.

When Jedi Luke Skywalker arrived on 24 Tredway alongside his companions Sidney Shortfang and Gideon Smith, he discovered Dena, and he became attracted to her. At Dena's urging, Skywalker agreed to rescue Erling from his prison on the planet Tol Ado. After speaking with Skywalker, Dena fell into a coma and the Rebel pilot was forced to bring her to Doctor Ire Eleazari for healing. After rescuing her brother, Skywalker reunited with a delighted Dena who hoped to reward him for all that he had done. However, due in part to the coma Dena had fallen into and sustaining a brain concussion, the relationship did not develop further.


Early lifeEdit

"She was raised down here, and I only work here every now and again. We'd better get out of here before that other shuttle-full of stormtroopers shows up."
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Dena Tredway was the daughter of the Jedi Knight Axton Tredway and a businesswoman from the Sil'Lume asteroid belt. During the Clone Wars, Axton had conceived two children with his wife on the asteroid 24 Tredway,[1] named for a family member that had discovered it.[6] During this time, Dena came into contact with Anakin Skywalker, a fellow Jedi who Axton greatly admired. Dena found this Jedi to be very handsome.[2] Following the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Axton returned to his family a different man. There was no joy in his life as though a great burden was hovering over him. When the newly formed Galactic Empire began hunting Jedi, Axton was forced to abandon his family. However, Imperials routinely searched the Tredway home for the Jedi, threatening his family with imprisonment until Axton was found. During these routine searches, Dena and Erling began to hate the Empire. One day, Axton returned to visit his family. While there, Erling confronted his father, angry that for all his Jedi "magic", he could not make the Imperials go away; he could not protect his family. Axton was shaken by his young son's accusations, and he resolved to stay and fight. When the Imperials came for their search, Axton fought and defeated them. However, Axton was only temporarily victorious, days later Darth Vader came to 24 Tredway and slew Axton, killing Dena and Erling's father.[1]

Without her father, Dena and Erling grew up under their mother's care. The death of her husband led Dena's mother to withdraw from galactic affairs. Seeing what had happened to those that opposed the Empire, she allied the mining business on 24 Tredway to the Empire. Under her mother's supervision, 24 Tredway became the most profitable outfit in the Sil'Lume asteroid belt.[7] As Dena grew up, she became familiar with 24 Tredway and knew where all the mining tunnels were.[8] Additionally, she developed skills in astrogation, having an innate ability to decipher coordinates, an ability that ran in her family. However, Erling's ability to calculate hyperspace coordinates far outpaced her own.[1]

Rebel agentEdit

"Okay, Mac. I don't know if I should tell you this, but Miss Tredway came down a few minutes before you. D435 took her to Medical Station One in a boss-buggy. She was in bad shape."

During the Galactic Civil War, Dena's hatred of the Empire drove her to join the Rebel Alliance.[4][5] As a Rebel agent, she came into contact with the Ithorian Doctor Ire Eleazari who had been framed by a fellow Ithorian, Oosea, as an Imperial agent. Dena helped Eleazari hide from the Empire while they gathered evidence on Oosea, hoping to expose him as the true traitor.[1] While working for the Rebellion, Dena kept her Rebel activities secret from her brother. She began working personally with Mon Mothma developing a secret project to aid the Alliance.[4][5] Mothma knew about the Tredways' unique astrogation abilities and hoped to make use of it as a method to find new Rebel bases. Using Dena as her contact, she planned to recruit Erling as an Alliance Intelligence operative. Under the guise that they were looking to expand their mining business, Dena convinced her brother to use his "instinctive astrogation" to find worlds away from the prying eyes of the Empire.[1] However, Erling had other priorities. Using his natural charisma, Erling began organizing a peaceful resistance movement among the people of the Sil'Lume system.[9] The resistance was popular enough that it aroused the interest of the Governor-General Sebastian Parnell, who wished to squash all rebel activity in his sector. Mon Mothma, concerned about the loss of Erling and his abilities, sent a transmission to Dena. The Rebel leader ordered Dena to silence Erling to keep Governor Parnell from acting against the Tredways and destroying their operation. Mon Mothma left how she would silence Erling to Dena's discretion, wishing her luck.[4][5]

However, before Dena could lower her brother's profile, Governor Parnell made his move. He arrested Erling and sent him to the Deathblock on the prison planet of Tol Ado.[6] At the same time, he ordered an attack on 24 Tredway, looking to make an example of the Tredway family. The Imperials attacked during a shift change, catching the Tredway workers out in the open.[10] All employees were massacred and the complex badly damaged.[11][12] Dena's mother was executed alongside her entire staff and the bodies stacked neatly in her office as a warning to others who would defy the Empire.[13] Dena was badly injured in the attack, with a ruptured spleen and sustained a concussion.[2] However, she avoided being killed with the others when one of her droids, D435, pulled her body from the carnage and fled into the mining tunnels.[10] D435 brought Dena to Medical Station One, hidden in the tunnels where she was attended to by a 2-1B surgical droid who attempted to keep her alive despite limited resources.[14][2] After handing Dena over to the medical droid, D435 stood watch outside the medical station to protect her from intruders.[15]



Dena Tredway lies injured in Medical Station One after the Imperial attack.

Luke Skywalker: "I'm sorry; I saw the governor arrest him."
Dena Tredway: "Then you must save him! Swear it, on your father's name!"
―Luke Skywalker meets Dena Tredway[src]

As Tredway attempted to recover from her injuries, the Rebel agent Luke Skywalker came to 24 Tredway alongside two fellow rebels, Sidney Shortfang and Gideon Smith. After surveying the carnage, Skywalker tracked Dena to Medical Station One and found her still badly hurt in an unstable condition. Upon Skywalker's intrusion, Dena feared the worst and attempted to reach her blaster pistol before Skywalker explained that he was there to help. Dena recognized the name and correctly surmised that Luke was Anakin Skywalker's son. After complimenting Luke's appearance, Dena listened intently as Skywalker revealed that her brother was in the custody of the Galactic Empire.[2]

Shocked by the news and knowing how important Erling was to Mon Mothma and the Rebellion, Dena grabbed Skywalker and made him promise that he would rescue her brother. Skywalker agreed, but Dena's injuries became more apparent as she exerted herself. The medical facilities at Medical Station One were not sufficient to stabilize her condition, and 24 Tredway's infirmary had been destroyed in the Imperial attack. Her condition dire, Skywalker decided to take her to a Rebel base. However, the nearest Rebel base was 96 hours away, a trip that Dena would not be able to make in her condition. Faced with a dilemma, Dena told Skywalker to bring her to Ire Eleazari's asteroid. The Ithorian Doctor would be able to take care of her and allow Skywalker to mount a rescue mission before Erling could be killed by the Empire. Dena used her innate astrogation skills to give Skywalker the coordinates of Eleazari's asteroid before she slipped into a coma.[2]

Unable to awaken her, the medical droid put Dena into a vacsuit and bound her into a full body splint. After placing an aural stimulator over her ears, the droid informed Skywalker that he had done all he could to stabilize the woman and it was up to him to get her to a location with better equipped hospital. Skywalker took Dena's comatose body and loaded it onto a boss-buggy as they left the medical center.[2]


"I will see you at the main base, won't I?"
―Dena Tredway to Luke Skywalker following the rescue of her brother[src]

Skywalker was able to get Tredway to Ire Eleazari's asteroid and the Ithorian doctor took her into his custody. After briefly talking, Skywalker agreed to honor Dena's request and made his way towards Tol Ado to rescue Erling.[5] After rescuing Erling, Skywalker returned to Eleazari's asteroid with the help of Erling's innate astrogation ability. After landing the Imperial shuttle that they had used to escape Tol Ado, Dena and Eleazari confronted Skywalker and Erling, believing them to be possible Imperial intruders. Eleazari had healed Dena, and she ordered them to remove their helmets at blasterpoint. After revealing themselves, Dena was thrilled at her brother's survival. Upon thanking Skywalker, she told him about her family's innate astrogation abilities, which was the reason for her contact with Mon Mothma. After Skywalker noted that their abilities was likely due to the powers of the Force, Dena agreed having believed it to be a possibility for quite a while. Erling was amused to learn that he was being used by his sister to help the Rebellion and had no hard feelings against her. With his mission complete, Skywalker promised that there would be a place for both Erling and Dena in Alliance Intelligence and that he would vouch for their character.[1]

Although Dena showed a strong interest in Skywalker as a romantic partner, a romantic connection did not develop between the two. This was partly due in part to her suffering a concussion and falling into a coma during his mission to the Sil'Lume asteroid belt.[16]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"I have been caling it 'instinctive astrogation,' but it must be the Force."
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Like the other members of her family, Dena had a connection to the Force, passed down from her father. She was able to use it to divine hyperspace coordinates by concentrating hard on where she needed to go. Although she believed the ability to be simply "instinctive astrogation", after meeting Luke Skywalker, she accepted the idea that her and her brother's abilities were due to their Force-sensitivity.[2][1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"We've already met, and I'm delighted to say that even when I don't have a concussion, I think you're more handsome than your father was. I hope you can think of a way I can show my appreciation for all you've done."
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Dena Tredway was a beautiful woman with long red-brown hair. She had prominent, high cheekbones with full, red lips and a small but firm chin. Her skin was smooth and free from marks or blemishes. Luke Skywalker found her almost irresistibly attractive. Upon meeting Skywalker for the first time, and believing him to be an Imperial, Dena showed courage in attempting to fight the Rebel despite her incapacitated state.[2] While a young girl, Dena developed a hatred for the Galactic Empire due to their repeated raids on her home and the death of her father.[1] This hatred eventually caused her to join the Rebel Alliance.[4][5]

Upon seeing Luke Skywalker for the first time, even with a concussion she told him that she found him attractive. Even after recovering, Dena openly flirted with the Rebel pilot, telling him how handsome he was and that she hoped to get together with him in the future.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Dena Tredway was created by Troy Denning and appeared in one of the role-playing strands of the 1990 West End Games role-playing supplement Jedi's Honor. She was later referenced in the article ComicScan: Luke-ing for Love in all the Wrong Places in Star Wars Galaxy Collector 7 which referenced Luke Skywalker's attraction towards her. This article states that a romance did not occur between them due to Tredway falling into a coma after a concussion. The article does not mention her eventual recovery from the coma, but due to Erling Tredway's canonical survival in The Dark Forces Saga, it must be assumed that Skywalker did rescue Erling. As every scenario in Jedi's Honor in which Erling is rescued results in Dena recovering from the coma, it must be assumed that she did recover from her injuries.

During the scenario, the outcome of the adventure is dependent on the reader's choices. Although the scenario always starts with Dena's brother Erling being captured by Imperials and 24 Tredway being attacked, it is up to the reader to decide how to proceed. If Skywalker does not go to 24 Tredway, he will never meet Dena and the scenario will proceed without information obtained from her. Additionally, Skywalker can go to 24 Tredway, but leave the asteroid before discovering her. However, when Skywalker eventually meets Dena's brother Erling, if he has not rescued Dena then the storyline will prevent him from rescuing Erling. If Skywalker is unable to convince Erling to come with them due to not visiting 24 Tredway earlier in the scenario, Tredway is left to die on Tol Ado and Skywalker returns to the Rebellion without having ever encountered Dena. However, if the group has visited 24 Tredway, Erling agrees to come with them, and the scenario plays out as shown above. During the group's escape from 24 Tredway with Dena's comatose body, certain decisions can result in the group being trapped within the mines. If this occurs, Skywalker will not be able to rendezvous with Ire Eleazari's asteroid in time and the mission is failed as Skywalker is forced to head for the Rebel base 96 hours away.[17] Additionally, Skywalker can also lead the group into a tunnel with a suctioning fan blade. In this scenario, the mission is failed as members of the party are killed and a comatose Dena is smashed repeatedly into the tunnel wall, killing her.[18]



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