"Dendriton toxin is a bad way to go. Painful, slow—you're literally immolated from inside out. But you were a brave adversary, Admiral, and I admire bravery. So, even though my superiors wish you to suffer, I'll spare you the toxin's effects."
―The Nediji assassin Kaird kills Admiral Tarnese Bleyd[src]

Dentriton toxin was a type of poison to which members of the Sakiyan species were susceptible. Soon after exposure, the toxin caused fatigue and lethargy. It then manifest as numbness, eventually leading to intense muscle pain and total paralysis. The Nediji assassin Kaird laced his knife with dentriton toxin before a fight with the Sakiyan Admiral Tarnese Bleyd. After a cut to his hand, Tarnese succumbed to the effects of the toxin, allowing the Nediji to kill him.