"A man doesn't win decoration and promotions by wasting his time at a boring job on a dead planet like this one."
―Imperial Officer[src]

Dennaskar was a forest planet located in the Mid Rim.


It was home to a secret Santhe/Sienar Technologies laboratory. During the Galactic Civil War, a small skirmish broke out between Imperial and Rebel forces.

Later, Tay Vanis crash landed on the planet when he was fleeing from Darth Vader. Vader tortured the man, leaving him in a persistent vegetative state, and then spread rumors of Vanis' whereabouts to keep both Rebel and Imperial agents busy searching for a man that had already been captured.[3]

Around 3 ABY, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa came to the world in search of Vanis. They eventually found the man with help from his droid, LE-914, who upon seeing her master in his comatose state, set herself to self-destruct to mercy-kill her master. Saddened by the comrade's loss, the Rebels then left the world after destroying the building that housed Vanis, as a lasting monument to the man.[3]

One of the primary starports on the world was the B Dock.[3]

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An originally unnamed planet appeared in Star Wars 80: Ellie, while the named world Dennaskar appeared in Surprise Visit. It was The Essential Atlas that tied the worlds together.



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