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"There's Dennogra, home of Sprool the Trader. Plot a course for Zio Snaffkin Spaceport, Chewie."
Han Solo[src]

Dennogra, formerly known as Tialvai, was an arid world in the Outer Rim Territories. One of its cities, Zio Snaffkin, was the home of Sprool the Trader.


Tialvai was a member of Xim's empire, before its collapse in 25,100 BBY. A member world of Hutt Space during the Great Sith War and Jedi Civil War, the Hutts had relinquished their claim to it by 52 BBY. At some point, Yoda killed a dark sider on the world.[2] During the Clone Wars, Dennogra was located within Separatist space.[3] In 0 ABY, Han Solo took two crates of treasure to Zio Snaffkin, where they were sold to Sprool the Trader.



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