Denri Ayl was a former Human male nobleman of Alderaan who renounced his noble title and became a mediator between the other noble houses, including House Organa, House Thul and House Cortess. His desire was to bring Alderaan back to peace, and end the Alderaan Civil War.


Around 3643 BBY, Imperial Intelligence determined that somewhere on Alderaan was a major financial backer of "The Eagle," a terrorist leader who had sworn to bring down the Sith Empire and had been responsible for the apparent assassination of Darth Jadus, a member of the Dark Council. To that end, Imperial Intelligence dispatched their rising-star agent, codenamed Cipher Nine, to Alderaan to locate him. With the aid of Joiner emissary Vector Hyllus and—after initial hostility—of House Cortess, Cipher Nine was able to locate Ayl's records in the libraries of House Alde, and confirmed that he was indeed the man they were looking for.[1]

Cipher Nine learned that Ayl himself was within the halls of House Rist, the feared Alderaanian assassins. Entering the secure wing of House Rist, Cipher Nine confronted Ayl, who believed that the Eagle's efforts to bring down the Empire would achieve the peace he sought on Alderaan. After a brief battle, Cipher Nine killed Ayl, whose last words were to condemn his killer for being blind to the necessity of his actions. It was later learned that Baroness Chay, lady of House Cortess, had also been an ally of the Eagle, and had sent him to House Rist to secure their aid in the Eagle's terrorist network. House Cortess would shortly after be wiped out at Cipher Nine's command.[1]


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