Deon Aarlaa was a male Twi'lek in the employ of Clan Ryo as a member of the personal guard of Baron Volnos Ryo, the head of the Ryo Syndicate and brother of Je'daii Ranger Hawk Ryo. Around 25,793 BBY, Deon aided Clan Ryo in the kidnapping of Oma Dessain, the youngest daughter of Dessain Mining's leader Eomin Dessain, on Zerist. Sent to find the kidnapped girl and prevent violence from breaking out between Dessain Mining and its workers, Hawk Ryo discovered and attacked the kidnappers' stronghold in the town of Kainnan. In the process the ranger used the Dark side of the Force to Force pull Deon toward him, impaling the guard on his sword before he could sound an alarm.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Deon Aarlaa first appeared in the short story Eruption, a prequel to Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void written by John Ostrander and published in Star Wars Insider 141. [1]


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