The Department of Information was a division of the New Republic's Bureau of Scouting and Exploration Services. It registered all claims made by scouts, regardless of affiliation—New Republic, corporate, and independent. It was also responsible for maintaining the Library of Systems, a catalogue of all star systems and planets affiliated with the New Republic.

The Department of Information distributed details on new discovered planets and star systems to both the general public and interested corporations for a fee, unless the claimant had registered and received a Request For Privacy. Duplicate copies of all information was sent to the Under Minister of Information.

Since its inception, the Department of Information was almost exclusively staffed by Alliance Intelligence personnel who had served during the Galactic Civil War and had grown weary of military service. As a result, the Department of Information was known to follow suspicious leads that did not fall under the auspices of their department, preferring to follow up leads and handle it in-house when they should have reported the information to the New Republic Intelligence Service's Director.