The Department of the Military was a division of the New Republic's Bureau of Scouting and Exploration Services. The department oversaw the approximately 50,000 soldiers that constituted the military arm of the Bureau, intended for use during small-scale engagements. All members received training from the Combined Defense Forces of the New Republic, and were official attached to the Bureau but could be called upon to serve on the front line in times of crisis. The Bureau had to received permission from the Minister of State to deploy military forces.

The military arm acted as a security and bodyguard force for the scouts. They were used to set up secure areas on the frontier, staff remote space stations and escort couriers and scouts on dangerous assignments. Some soldiers assigned to the Bureau saw the transfer as a demotion from front-line service, while others enjoyed the assignment. They saw more action that some front-line units and were incredibly mobile. They gained a reputation among the New Republic as an "elite service."

Most soldiers and marines assigned to the Bureau ended up learning the skills of the scouting profession, usually be necessity to stop them from being bored during exploration missions.