"Why shouldn't I have your miserable hide blasted to ions right now?"
―Dermeg, to Tirog.[src]

Dermeg was the Imperial Governor of the planet Ansillivog. He was an overbearing, egotistical man, who was dangerous to his opponents and somewhat mentally unstable, prone to sudden changes in mood. Though Dermeg began to lose his stark blond hair as he reached middle age, he kept his body healthy and trim, though not overly muscled. He had a deep, rumbling voice.[1]

The bounty hunter Tirog and his protocol droid GT-9R once met Dermeg in his office. Dermeg began the meeting by having his guests seat themselves in the large couch across from his desk. Dermeg calmly looked over Tirog's file, reading out a list of Tirog's offenses against the Empire which included working for known criminals, consorting with Rebels, and committing crimes against the Empire for pay. Dermeg suddenly turned on Tirog, demanding explanations and threatening to have Tirog executed on the spot.[1]


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