"One cannot shut oneself away with privilege, my friend. This planet belongs to all of us."
―Councilman Derral to his friend.[src]

Derral was a Human male councilman who lived on the planet Ahakista during the Galactic Civil War.


Though Ahakista was in a state of civil war and its Imperial-backed government was unpopular among the planet's lower classes, Derral made a point of visiting the poorer parts of the city without a great degree of security. Derral saw himself as a magnanimous individual and unsuccessfully tried to allay his friend's concerns about visiting such a place.[1]

During this particular visit, Derral found the wares of the street vendors to be of low quality. He and his friend also encountered a young beggar who asked for a token of his goodwill. Derral did so, but not quite in the way that the child had expected. His gift was the knowledge that "one must take responsibility for improving one's own situation" and that "help will not come from the outside."[1]

Shortly thereafter, Derral and his friend prepared to leave for the better parts of the city. Before they could do so, however, both of them were killed by Dunlan. The assassination of Derral and his friend led to a more direct involvement in the affairs of the government of Ahakista by the Empire and an escalation of the civil war.[1][2]



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