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"Derrida is certainly an individual we should keep our eyes on."
Lieutenant Lak Sivrak, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Derrida was a female Ketton spy in the employ of the Galactic Empire.


Based on the Kwenn Space Station, Derrida was considered a sly, cunning adversary of Alliance operatives working there. Derrida earned a living by reporting Imperial authorities (such as Moff Alexander Julstan IV of Arkanis and other Imperial bureaucrats) about suspected Rebel activities. She has also worked as a spy for other people.[1]

Derrida foiled five separate Alliance missions on the station and earned the personal enmity of Alliance operative Kassar Kosciusko. Among her work, Derrida framed Lieutenant Commander Zhir-Khan, falsifying records to implicate him in a betrayal of the Alliance, although her scheme eventually failed.[1]

Rebel operative Lak Sivrak wrote a report about Derrida, with the contribution of Kosciusko. He decided that Derrida was a clear suspect on an attempt of the life of Rebel-aligned financier Director Meyser Kayson, and he was afraid of Kayson's Rebel links being discovered if Derrida was not dealt with.[1]

Derrida was an associate of another well-known spy, the Kubaz Garindan, whom she worked with on Tatooine, as reported by Kayson's son.[1]

Derrida was finally apprehended by a team composed of Kyle Katarn and a pint-sized lagomorph, who almost razed Kwenn station capturing her.[2]


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