The Des'maric Blastboats were a group of three GAT-12h Skipray Blastboats that were operated by the Des'maric Pirates around 8 ABY.


The three Blastboats were being held in a starport on Elshandruu Pica for sale to Kina Margath,[1] owner of Margath's and a secret Foster Agent for the Rebel Alliance.[2] The Saurton pirate Miktiss learned of them, and resolved to steal them. Distracting starport security using a minor criminal in his employ, Miktiss and his pirates managed to launch the vessels and get them into hyperspace before local patrols could respond. Modified and gaudily painted, the three vessels—named as Des'maric One, Des'maric Two, and Des'maric Three—were used as the main combat force of the pirates. Each vessel was crewed by the best pirates in Miktiss's organization, and each was commanded by one of Miktiss's top lieutenants; the fellow Saurton Ginzet, the Human Jerri, and the Aqualish Yun.[1]


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