The Des'maric Pirates operated in the Kathol sector during the early years of the New Republic.


The Des'maric Pirates took their name from the Des'mar faction on the planet Essowyn, and it was given to them by their Saurton leader, Miktiss. The gang operated several vessels, including the Asagov Raider and three Skipray Blastboats. There were over one hundred criminals in the gang, but many were common criminals. The members of the gang with the true skills were assigned to crew the Blastboats.

The Des'maric Pirates began their operations in the Kathol Sector around 7 ABY, and their take as of 8 ABY had been relatively small. The pirates were supported by Crev Bombaasa on Pembric II, who fed them freighter travel plans so they could plan their assaults. Bombaasa had also been buying off key members of the gang in an effort to assume control of the group, and his biggest success was subverting Miktiss's trusted lieutenant and friend, Ginzet.

The pirates also raided outlying settlements, using their ships and weapons to force the civilians to pay them tribute.

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