The Desaclates (bottom) is attacked by Corsair Raiders (middle) while defended by Skylarks and X-wings (top)

The Desaclates was a cruiser operated by the Exocron Airfleet. In 8 ABY, the Desaclates intercepted a probe droid sent to Exocron by the New Republic ship FarStar. Ordered to take it back to Caballa City for examination, the vessel fell under attack from Corsair forces intent on recovering the probe droid. The vessel's weapons were unable to counter the high-speed Raiders, and the Desaclates suffered heavy damage and was boarded.

A distress call was sent out, and it was answered by the X-wings from the FarStar that had been onboard the Maxion. The New Republic members drove off the Corsairs, and managed to repair a repulsorlift pod to save the vessel from crashing into the ocean. While the vessel was forced to make a hard landing on the ocean, it survived until other airships from the Airfleet arrived.