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Desark Fey'lya was a male Bothan and the first secretary of the planet of Kothlis during the Clone Wars.


In 21 BBY, after a battle over Kothlis, Fey'lya was approached by a diplomatic delegation of Jedi. Grand Master Yoda noted the importance of the Bothan Spynet to the war effort and asked for Kothlis to remain loyal to the Republic. Fey'lya enthusiastically agreed and thanked the Jedi for chasing away the Separatist forces during the battle. However, a padawan, Ahsoka Tano, who was also present during the meeting, sensed through the Force that Fey'lya was lying and expressed that observation aloud, guessing that Fey'lya probably invited the Separatists in the first place. The Bothan delegation took that as an insult and Fey'lya stated that both Kothlis and the Bothan spynet would remain neutral during the conflict, before leaving along with his delegation.


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