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The Desert Speeder is a landspeeder used for transport and attack strikes. It was built using technology from Tatooine.


The Desert Speeder is a landspeeder built from technology from the planet Tatooine featuring three turbine engines. Two of the engines are hinged, and two power converters are on the rear. It features cooling systems and sand filters. The speeder sports two short-ranger laser cannons along with long-range radar and can reach speeds of 700 k/h. It is piloted by one person, who also acts as the gunner. It is defended with medium-grade hull plating and has a duraplex windshield.


Commander Gree built one during the Battle for the Stolen Crystals during the Clone Wars.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Desert Speeder appears in the 2013 comic/LEGO set LEGO Star Wars: Battle for the Stolen Crystals Brickmaster.