The Desevran Trace was a hyperspace trade route in the Tion Cluster. It ran from Desevro on the Perlemian Trade Route via Folende to Omman. From there it exited the Tion Hegemony into the Allied Tion sector, where it ran from Amarin to Corlax 4 before terminating at Dravione.[1]

The Tion Hegemony worlds at the head of the Trace around the Perlemian were known as the Livien Worlds, for their association with the ancient Livien League. Owing to their location they were moderately wealthy, which stood in sharp contrast to the Back Spiral worlds of the Tion Hegemony, which were separated from major trade routes by the Indrexu Spiral and were considerably poorer, having little to do economically with the Livien Worlds.[1]

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