Desiccation of Gholondreine-β

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"Standard operating procedure for the Empire. Especially when the Emperor's in his punitive mode."
Boba Fett, to Bossk[src]

The Desiccation of Gholondreine-β occurred in 10 BBY. During the first years of the Imperial Period, the Gholondreine scholars and philosophers published quietly urgent critiques of the Galactic Empire. As they persisted, Emperor Palpatine decided to make an example of Gholondreine-β. The planet's oceans were drained to the last molecule and taken by a fleet of massive Imperial freighters to an orbital catalysis plant near Coruscant. The dead world was seeded with Ithorian crawlers designed to exude a long-lasting biotoxin into the soil. Gholondreine-β was eventually deserted by its inhabitants and completely abandoned. The desiccation served as a lesson for the neighboring worlds in the sector.



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