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Design Team Beta was a team of four hand-picked specialists who worked for Hydrospeare Corporation during the times of the Galactic Empire. Led by Tolum Harous, the other members included Diran Miciluz, Mosara Thiirn and Sere Lure. Before 1 ABY, the team was led by Dr. Plo Smarx, but Smarx was arrested by the Empire and replaced by Harous.

Design Team Beta developed aquatic vehicles and weapons for the Imperial Army, being responsible for some of Hydrospeare most renowned products, including the Explorer Submergible, the Imperial seatrooper armor (after consulting with Dr. Nashiak Llalik) and the AT-AT swimmer (although this last one was developed alongside with Kuat Drive Yards).

Due to the quality of Design Team Beta's products, the Empire provided Hydrospeare with two dozen of new projects around 2 ABY, leading some Rebel officers to believe that the Empire was trying to recover Mon Calamari.


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