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"You cannot pass. Go back to the north seas and freeze."
"Why, Master Protas?"
"Because it pleases me.
―Protas and the aiwha pod[src]

The destruction of Protas was an attack launched by a pod of aiwha against the monster-god, Protas, after he defeated an army of sentient kikla. According to The Tale of the Aiwha Pod, as translated into Basic from Kaminoan by Ryan Kaufman, it took place on the world of Kamino. The aiwha pod was victorious after one of their member sacrificed himself. It resulted in Protas's death, and the aiwha went on to be respected across all of Kamino.


Protas, monster-god of the oceans of Kamino, had defeated Melkorr, a deep water titan, and an army of kikla, comparatively smaller yet sentient beings. They had challenged the god-beast for rule of the seas, and with these victories, he had become arrogant in his old age. Knowing he had no opposition, he wielded his authority without restrain and with this attitude he came upon a pod of aiwha. Protas stopped the pod from swimming south for the winter, telling them to go back north simply for his amusement.[1]

The battleEdit

"The aiwha knew they could not return, that they would surely die in the north seas. We must fight, they told themselves. And so they did."
―The aiwha make their decision[src]

The aiwha decided they had no choice but to fight, as returning north would mean their end. Unlike Protas' earlier opponents, the aiwha, seeking neither fame nor glory, offered no challenge, and simply attacked the god-beast. With their numbers, they combined their attack and used their jaws to rip at his flesh, but his hide was thick and they could not defeat him with a single blow. Protas scattered the pod, but again and again they returned with single-minded purposefulness. Slowly they made the powerful being bleed, but they could not kill him.[1]

Protas then exposed the soft flesh of his throat, and one of the aiwha, noticing this, charged in and clamped down on the weak area. The monstrous beast, feeling himself weaken, used his fins to smash at the brave aiwha but could not dislodge the selfless aiwha. Sacrificing himself in this manner, the aiwha never let go, allowing the rest of the pod to deal Protas a killing blow, finally defeating the elder god.[1]


Due to their defeating Protas, and bringing peace to the waters of Kamino, the aiwha were given respect amongst all the creatures in the oceans.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The destruction of protas was first described in the short story The Tale of the Aiwha Pod, which was written by Ryan Kaufman and published in the Star Wars: Republic Commando: Prima Official Game Guide (2005).


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