The Destruction of Zarracina III was a mundicide conducted by the Pius Dea-dominated Galactic Republic against the Zarracines of Zarracina III in 11,660 BBY, part of the Twelfth Pius Dea Crusade.


Since 12,000 BBY, the theocratic Pius Dea sect had controlled the Republic and used its resources including the Republic Military to launch crusades against rival alien sects in the Outer Rim. In 11,660 BBY, a stable hyperspace jump point was discovered in the Zarracina system, and acquiring its inhabited third planet became a priority for the Republic.

The battleEdit

The Zarracines refused to accommodate the Republic's envoys and in response, Republic Navy forces led by Commodore Daymont Praji launched a campaign against Zarracina III. To avoid capture and forced conversion to the Pius Dea faith, and perhaps to spite their conquerors, the Zarracine ruling council committed mass suicide.

In retaliation, Praji's forces launched an orbital bombardment of Zarracina III. The planet's surface was reduced to an uninhabitable, radioactive wasteland.


The Republic thereafter annexed the system. The surviving Zarracines adopted nomadism and held an eternal enmity against the Republic. Millennia later during the Clone Wars, many joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, including assassins who targeted First Minister Tannon Praji, though they were thwarted by Ottegru Grey. During the New Republic era, a number of Zarracines supported the Diversity Alliance.