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"Boom goes the detonite!"
―Languss Tuno[src]

A tube of detonite within a detonite charge

Detonite was the standard explosive substance in the Galactic Empire.


Detonite is a putty-like explosive which is fairly stable, detonating only when charged with electricity, extreme radiation or tremendous kinetic energy, though after a shelf life of 10 years it would explode more easily. It was commonly formed into small fist-sized cubes and used for both civilian and military demolitions. Very tiny detonite charges - sometimes known as micronite - were also used in pyrotechnics and more precise engineering applications.[1][2]

The detonite was used in grenades, particularly the C-22 fragmentation grenade[3] and MM-40 Thermal Charge.[4] Sale of detonite without a permit was a serious crime.



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