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"Oss Wilum told me you chose this world because the dark side is strong here."
"Yes. There was a great darkness here.
―Nomi Sunrider and Thon discuss the aftermath of Ambria's devastation[src]

At some point before the end of the Great Hyperspace War,[1] the planet Ambria was devastated due to the machinations of a female Sith disciple.[2] The Inner Rim world of Ambria[3]—harboring valuable ores along with numerous sentient species[2]—had become the new domain of this disciple,[3] a Sith sorceress who practiced the ways of the dark side. In this time, Ambria's natural resources were gradually depleted at the behest of the sorceress, who enslaved the indigenous inhabitants and exploited the wildlife as beasts of burden. For hundreds of years,[2] the sorceress oversaw the construction of a gigantic obelisk in the north central regions of the planet.[3]

Upon completing the obelisk,[3] the sorceress attempted to bind the entire world of Ambria to her will through a complicated Sith ritual.[4] In doing so, the disciple called upon a level of dark side power surpassing the efforts of any individual before her.[2] The sorceress was killed,[4] however, after losing control of this power, resulting in a wave of Force energy that destroyed all other living beings on the planet. In addition, Ambria itself was devastated by the energy that was unleashed upon its surface, warping the landscape and infusing it with the dark side of the Force.[3]



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