Devil Seven was a Fire Lotus-class starfighter flown by the Grace Command starfighter pilot Yades during the Republic Dark Age. During the Aquilaris campaign, Captain Jenn Devaad lent Jedi Knight Kerra Holt the starfighter since Yades was rotating his duty aboard the transport ship Mother Grace. The starfighter subsequently saw action during the capture of Devil Squadron and the Great Aquilaris Deluge.

It survived completely submerged during the flood due to its hardy operating systems which made it flood-resistant. Following the Battle of Darkknell, Jenn bequeathed the starfighter to Kerra and she used it to infiltrate the Daimanate foundry world of Tergamenion, where she established contact with Sith Lord Daiman. Despite being mutual opponents, the two formed an alliance of convenience to assassinate rival Sith Lord Odion. Kerra would then use Devil Seven to travel to the Odionate where she infiltrated the Novitiates, Odion's Force-sensitive dark-side acolytes.