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Devil Squadron at Aquilaris.

"Devil Squadron's a volunteer force, Holt–we pave the way for Grace Command's supply missions out here."
―Jenn Devaad[src]

Devil Squadron was a military starfighter squadron that were a military branch of Grace Command. They were a volunteer mission that operated during the years of the New Sith Wars when the Republic Navy was not combating the Sith on some of the conquered worlds. This squadron operated by paving the way for the relief mission from Grace Command that dropped in food as well as medical supplies to affected areas. The squadron was equipped with Fire Lotus-class starfighters.

During the Republic Dark Age, the Squadron was led by Jenn Devaad who led a mission to strike against Aquilaris; a Daimanate world that was besieged by the Hutt crime lord Zodoh. Devil Squadron successfully managed to repulse their enemy and made contact with Jedi Kerra Holt.



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