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Devlikks were an avian species native to the planet Ord Radama. They had long necks, shoulders covered in green feathers, a small green tail, and oddly-shaped heads. The average lifespan for a Devlikk was about 9-10 years; most Devlikk succumbed to senility at age 9. The Podracer Wan Sandage was of this species.

Society and cultureEdit

The Devlikk homeworld of Ord Radama featured cities laid out like enormous mazes. While offworlders found the configuration off-putting, Devlikks had little trouble navigating the passageways due to their innate magnetic sense.[2] Although their bodies were only somewhat humanoid, Devlikks made do with devices and furnishings, such as chairs, aimed at species with longer legs.[3] While Devlikks operated comfortably without clothing,[4] they sometimes dressed in items such as goggles, tabards, chaps,[5] bandoleers, or shirts.[6] Another Devlikk fashion was to bind the hair of the cheeks into ponytails.[3]



Notes and referencesEdit

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