Devotek was male Human Sith of the Sith Empire.


During the Great Galactic War, Devotek became a noble Sith champion until he was sent on an important mission and caused a number of Imperial deaths. After the Empire arrested him, Devotek felt guilty for everything he's done and was sent to Korriban to remain in prison for years which led to the Cold War.

In 3643 BBY, Devotek was seen with several prisoners that were been held by Jailer Knash in the Sith Academy. When the unidentified Sith Acolyte arrived, Devotek begged the acolyte to grant him a trial by combat since he wanted to taste freedom once more and have a chance of leaving Korriban alive. The Sith Acolyte ignored Devotek's wish and killed him by Force Choking him and sticking his blade in Devotek's throat.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sith Warrior has three options of dealing with Devotek. The player can simply kill him in disgrace (Dark Side), honor his request of dying in combat (Dark Side), or let him continue to rot in his cell (Light Side).