Dewt Kluskine was the warden of the Imperial Correctional Facility at Kessel.

Aside from being the warden of the facility, he also oversaw the illegal spice trade. He was a cruel man who delighted in mistreating the slave miners. During an escape attempt by the young Wookiee slaves, he ordered the stormtroopers to kill them all instead of stunning them. This earned him the ire of Gyylghrard.

A few years after the Life Day Massacre, Gyylghrard was assigned as one of his honor guards. Kluskine believed that he looked more imposing with dangerous-looking aliens as his bodyguards during negotiations from visiting crime lords. During his meeting with Fossco, a Toydarian accountant under the employ of Jabba the Hutt, Kluskine was decapitated with a ceremonial poleaxe by Gyylghrard, who was then killed by the stormtroopers.



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