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"The best food this side of the Senate District!"
―Advertisement for Dex's Diner[src]

Dex's Diner was a small eatery in a dilapidated industrial area of the planet Coruscant called CoCo Town. The diner was owned and operated by Dexter Jettster, a Besalisk with a colorful background.


Serving mostly hard workers from the area, the diner offered home-style cooked meals and freshly brewed ardees ("Jawa Juice"). Jettster also served Sic-Six-layer cake Jettster worked as the cook and employed two waitresses, Hermione Bagwa and her WA-7 waitress droid partner, FLO.[2] Other offerings at Dex's Diner included the Shawda club sandwich for 6.7 credits, served on toasted or therm-zapped bread, the Sic-Six layer cake,[3] which one of his most popular deserts,[4] served by the slice at 2.5 credits and the photon fizzle at 1.7 credits. Credit chips were accepted at Dex's Diner.[3]

As a result of Dex's welcoming nature and belief that he shouldn't intrude into the private affairs of his customers, Dex's Diner was a frequent meeting spot for criminals.[5]


It was shortly before the Clone Wars that Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi came to Dex's Diner to see if his old friend, Jettster, could identify a poisoned dart. Jettster was able to identify it as originating from the planet Kamino which he knew of from his days as a prospector.[1]

By the time after the Galactic Empire's defeat in the Battle of Endor, Dex's Diner was defunct and abandoned.[6]



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