"Why are you so pale, my friend? Do you have something you would like to confess? Of course you do."

Dezix was an Imperial Security Bureau officer serving aboard Death Star I.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dezix was a man of extremes - so inconspicuous so that he is never noticed, or terrifying enough to resemble a predator on the hunt with a strong, cold, hard stare that could never be forgotten.


A typically ruthless and cunning Imperial Security Bureau agent, Dezix was an expert at producing more than the normal level of paranoia and anxiety, and trained to become a shadow. When the time was right, he could strike as quickly as a Jeco and as fiercely as a Rancor. He would often use his authority to dispense justice without resorting to the formality of a trial or hearing.

Dezix was chosen to head the ISB contingent aboard Death Star I, who were tasked with watching out for any activities detrimental to the smooth running of the battlestation, and for any threats to the New Order.


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