The Dhoora was a YT-1300 light freighter owned and operated by the Nami during the Galactic Civil War.


In the year 3 ABY, the resurgent Nami of the Outer Rim Territories sought to wage war against the Galactic Empire under the leadership of their charismatic leader, Ali Tarrak. In this pursuit, the Nami aligned themselves with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and sought to assist their Rebel allies in their cause through the theft and procurement of sensitive technologies belonging to the Empire. Their first major operation was a raid on a convoy of Imperial Assassin-class corvettes from Hashim group, who were transferring TIE/D Defender prototypes from an Imperial research facility located in the Parmel system formerly operated by treacherous Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin. With the facility's destruction at Zaarin's hands and the security of the TIE Defender technology threatened, the Nami moved in to take advantage of the Empire's weakness.

In this raid, the Nami sent a strike force led by the Dhoora to capture at least one of the corvettes carrying the TIE Defender prototypes. While the Rebels distracted the Imperial pilots guarding the convoy, among them Tan Maarek Stele the Dhoora raced into the region to capture Hashim 1 while its escort of T-wing interceptors further wrangled with the Imperials. Taking advantage of the chaotic situation, the Dhoora deployed its strike team who quickly overpowered the crew of the disabled corvette and secured the ship. The Dhoora and its surviving escorts then fled the area with their prize, with the intent of replicating and producing the TIE Defender for eventual sale to the Rebels and ultimately for use against the Empire.

Eventually, an Imperial task force led by Grand Admiral Thrawn discovered the manufacturing facility where Tarrak was mass-producing the TIE Defender, and deployed Maarek Stele to annihilate the facility and all Nami forces present in the area. In the battle that ensued, the Imperials destroyed the majority of Tarrak's forces, forcing Tarrak herself to flee the facility on the Dhoora in a desperate bid to evade capture.

In her escape, Tarrak held the leading TIE Defender scientist hostage aboard the Dhoora, him having been sold off to the Nami by Grand Admiral Zaarin. Tarrak threatened to murder the scientist if the Imperials did not cease their attack. Thrawn however was unfazed and ordered Stele to disable the Dhoora in the hopes of capturing Tarrak. After a concentrated assault, Stele and his allies disabled Dhoora and the vessel was subsequently captured by the Imperials, with Tarrak and the scientist both still on board. The Dhoora was then flown back to Thrawn's flagship, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Grey Wolf so that Tarrak could be delivered to her new master Emperor Palpatine to offer her services to the Empire, effectively defeating the Nami.