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This article is about the Human. You may be looking for Dia Passik, a Twi'lek.
"I'm afraid this is between me and Holdan now."
―Dia, talking about the bounty placed on her head by Holdan[src]

Dia was a Human female from Taris, who worked in Javyar's Cantina as a waitress during the Jedi Civil War.


"That wench tried to cut me with her vibroblade!"

Working at Javyar's Cantina, Dia caught the attention of a man named Holdan, an arrogant Human who worked for the local crime syndicate, the Exchange. When Holdan attempted to make a move on her, she scarred him with a vibroblade, both humiliating and infuriating the man. Holdan's wrath materialized itself in a bounty on Dia's head, and the woman was reduced to hiding in an Upper City apartment amongst illegal aliens.[1]

Meeting Revan on Taris turned out to be a twist of fate for Dia. The former Sith Lord was able to convince Holdan to withdraw the bounty he had placed on Dia's head. Dia thanked Revan for everything and was able to return to her normal life before the Sith Empire invaded the planet.[1][2]

Behind the scenesEdit

There are three ways to convince Holdan to drop the bounty: the player can pay him two hundred credits to cancel the bounty, persuade him to cancel without paying, or, if Bastila Shan is in the party, she can use Force Persuasion to have him withdraw the bounty.

If the player has Dia's bounty removed, she will give the player an energy projector upgrade for a vibroblade, telling the player it is a family heirloom. The projector can still be obtained if the player talks with Dia before the bounty is lifted. The player can refuse the reward and get more light side points.

Alternatively in the dark side option, the player can kill Dia and talk to Holdan to claim the bounty. If Carth Onasi is in the party he objects to the act in which the player can respond "I don't care about justice. I just want credits."



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