Diab Duin was a Sullustan male who served as a politician in the Galactic Republic during the Cold War.



Diab Duin

Following the discovery of Stygium crystals on Aeten II, the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic appointed Duin to represent the world, knowing that the Sullustan was a dour man of few words who would be able to keep Aeten's secrets within the Republic.

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Personality and traitsEdit

Duin was often underestimated by his peers, who believed him to be a cynical bureaucrat. In truth, Duin was an insightful negotiator with a vast network of contacts. Duin was married and had two children.

Behind the scenesEdit

There are several phrases written in Aurebesh on his biography page at the official site. When translated, they read: "Escaping the Fortitude", "Hunted by Lord Kyrus", "Rift Alliance".[1]



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