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Diago Hixan was a Human crime lord on the planet Tatooine during the Cold War. He was a sworn rival of Nok Drayen before his "death". He was killed in a confrontation with the Jedi Nariel Pridence, the Sith Vaverone Zare, and the Smuggler Ace.[1]


Before the Treaty of Coruscant, Diago Hixan once competed with the infamous Nok Drayen to rule the galactic underworld. Their rivalry spanned many years and countless worlds as they scored bigger heists and hunted rarer treasures, punctuated by the occasional spat of violence. Diago Hixan claimed victory after Nok Drayen died, bringing many cunning and merciless criminals throughout the galaxy under his heel. In his prime, one of Diago Hixan's greatest treasures was the beautiful Shassa Dalle. To his dismay, she was eventually "stolen" by none other than Nok Drayen. For years, Diago Hixan made many impassioned attempts to take her back from his rival, but his pursuit ended after he accidentally caused Shassa's death.

In 3643 BBY, a smuggler captain came to Tatooine to acquire a sensor computer from Diago to assist in finding the lost treasure of Nok. The smuggler had contacted Diago's lieutenant, Tookreek, to arrange a meeting with Diago in exchange for being known for finding the treasure. However, a Sith named Vaverone Zare was seeking a meeting with Diago too, mainly to acquire the holocron of Darth Nihilus he possessed, and had launched attacks on his holdings to get his attention. What's more was that Zare had to contend with Jedi Knight Nariel Pridence.

When all parties arrived at Diago's hideout in the Lightspring, Diago refused hear any of them. At the same time, the smuggler's companion, Risha called via holo to check on her partner's progress. Diago quickly became englamoured with her, compelling her to sign off. He demanded that he meet her. Zare interrupted him, attempting to persuade him to help her kill Nariel but he would not hear her. Zare then attempted to use a mind trick on the smuggler to turn on the Jedi but the latter proved strong willed for it to work. To add to the madness, Diago irrationally ordered his droids to attack all present. In the ensuring fight, Diago was killed, along with Zare.



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