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The Dianoga was a modified attack ship operated by the space pirate Gir Kybo Ren-Cha, several years before the Battle of Yavin.


The make and model of the Dianoga was unknown, but it was armed with at least two laser cannons. Not to be confused with the Dianoga starfighter, Captain Kybo's ship appeared to possess a sturdy battering ram, capable of hitting a light freighter at full speed. It also had a small docking tube that would melt the hull on the underside of ships, allowing for docking and capture of the ship and cargo.


When flying into battle, Captain Kybo was always accompanied by stolen and modified TIE/ln starfighters, piloted by his henchmen. He once used the Dianoga to attack a freighter piloted by a young woman named Jessica Meade.

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