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Didj Star Wars: Jedi Trials is one of two Star Wars video games that were developed for the Leapfrog Didj console, with the other one being Didj Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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The Clone Wars rage on! No one can escape this galactic conflict, including you, a Padawan learning the ways of the Jedi. Count Dooku seeks an ancient, powerful Sith Nova Holocron to destroy the Republic. Follow teachings from Jedi Knights Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Aayla Secura and Kit Fisto and put your science skills to the test to defeat Dooku! Earn points as you play to customize your Padawan's lightsaber and the game background, and choose the science skills you want to learn. Parents can connect to the LeapFrog® Learning Path to see what their child is learning.[1]

Plot SummaryEdit

Responding to reports of a mysterious raid, Anakin Skywalker and an unknown Padawan traveled to Tatooine, where they learned that Dooku had obtained the first piece of the Sith Nova Holocron. Yoda revealed that the next piece is on Christophsis, and sent Aayla Secura and the Padawan to stop Asajj Ventress from obtaining the piece. They succeeded, but Dooku then sent General Grievous to Rodia to find the final piece. The Padawan traveled there with Kit Fisto and successfully defeated Grievous, but the Jedi Council then learned that Dooku taken his piece to Behpour, where he could harness the volcanic energy of the planet to make the Holocron piece as powerful as the full Holocron. The Padawan and Master Yoda went to Behpour, where they defeated Dooku and recovered the Holocron. Afterwards, the Jedi Council promoted the Padawan to the rank of a full Jedi Knight.

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