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An organism's diet referred to what forms of food it chose to eat. Forms of diet included herbivore and carnivore.[1]

Carnivores were flesh-eaters. They included non-sentients such as the tentacled dianoga,[2] the krayt dragon,[3] and the colo claw fish from Naboo,[4] but also sentient species such as the Zabraks[5] and the Pau'ans.[6]

Herbivorous lifeforms such as the bantha, fed on plants.[7]

Omnivores were organisms that fed on both plant and animal matter. Reeks were large, muscular omnivores native to the planet Ylesia that, while herbivorous by nature, could survive on meat.[8]

Some species, like certain birds on Jelucan,[9] and the crab gliders native to the gas giant Bespin, were carrion-eaters, feeding on refuse and other decaying organic matter.[10]

Some species were energy-eaters. The conduit worms fed off the electrical wiring of starships,[11] and the mynocks absorbed electrical, stellar and electromagnetic energy using their mouths.[12]


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