"Diirn, we know you've been hoarding. That's why we let you think we store our food in here. It's too late, though—you're trapped. We're headed to the labs, to get what's ours. Your people can't stop us. Hope these are your last thoughts before the air runs out."

Diirn was the chief engineer of the Theoretika, a research vessel operated by the Czerka Corporation. When the Theoretika became stranded in deep space, Vice Engineer Xarval eventually led a mutiny against Diirn, believing that Diirn was redirecting power to the labs in order to preserve hoarded food—but the power was actually to contain Specimen Gamma 19. Xarval trapped Diirn in one of the Theoretika's compartments and drained the air from the compartment, killing Diirn, but by the time the Theoretika was found, the rest of the crew was long dead as well.