Dilta was a male Anarrian child who lived in the city Rastar on the planet Altiria/Anarris. At some point during galactic history, Dilta was wandering through Rastar's starport when he became hungry, and he determined to steal some food from some cargo containers that were being loaded onto a nearby starship. However, he noticed some security officers approaching and hid from them inside a crate. Before he could exit, the container was lifted onto the starship, and the vessel departed from the planet. Dilta eventually managed to slip out of the crate, and he ate some food that had spilled out onto the floor of the ship's cargo bay. He was detected by the vessel's crew, and the spacers decided to fly back to Rastar to return Dilta to his homeworld. The crew then landed in Rastar and let Dilta go. However, the local security forces accused the spacers of kidnapping the the child, and the spacers set out to find Dilta so that he could clear their name. They eventually tracked him to the public meeting place Lunaara Square, but a team of security agents attacked the spacers, and during the ensuing firefight, the spacers attempted to shield Dilta.