[Dinante Fli'R] was the nature-worshipping religion which most of the Ho'Din people followed. In their belief, the Ho'Din were originally mobile plants, but they were transformed into animals as punishment for their sins against the [Dinegia], or passive force of nature. Only by acting as stewards of their natural environment could they complete the [Flik'a kirki], or "Virtuous Circle of Nature". If they did this, they would be reborn as plants.

Ho'Din customs mirrored these beliefs. For example, children were conceived only via artificial insemination, in a ceremony which mimicked the pollination of plants by insects. Ho'Din funerary customs involved returning the dead to the forest floor as a gift to the soil.

The priests of the [Dinante Fli'R] also acted as the government of Moltok, the Ho'Din homeworld.


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