Dindoo was a Rodian mechanic.

A poor entrepreneur living in Ryloth, Dindoo owned a small mechanic's shop. He was also a sabacc player on his free time.

Dindoo found a young Rodian infant, apparently abandoned, and chose to take him and raise him as his own son. He named the baby Kelko.

As soon as Kelko was old enough, Dindoo had to make him work as his assistant at the shop, and also as a rycrit shepherd. Kelko showed a considerable amount of skill and resourcefulness.

Dindoo was killed during a sabacc game when Kelko was a teenager. Kelko took over Dindoo's shop and managed to create a side business, Dindoo Tours, where he took tourists to see Ryloth's Bright Lands. Years later, a much richer Kelko bought a ship and named it Dindoo's Glory.