Dindoo Tours was a business managed by Rodian entrepreneur Kelko.

A Rodian living in Ryloth, and stepson of Dindoo, Kelko found himself managing Dindoo's mechanic shop after his stepfather's violent death. However, after a few years of hard work, Kelko thought he was ready for a side business. He opened Dindoo Tours, using his mentor's name as an homage to his memory.

Dindoo Tours was a tourist attractions. Kelko himself took "brave" tourists to see the Bright Lands of Ryloth in a shielded speeder bus, and Kelko himself enjoyed this activity much more than his usual mechanic work.

Unfortunately, the speeder bus was destroyed in a strange coincidence which included a rampaging lylek, two swoops and some wealthy Twi'lek politician's daughter. Details are unclear, but Kelko decided that his health depended on some change of scenes. Kelko left Ryloth as fast as he could in a freighter to the Outer Rim. It was the end of Dindoo Tours.