Dineas D' Ink was an Imperial Security Bureau agent.


Dineas D' Ink was raised on the planet Derilyn, and his family were killed by the Galactic Empire during the Sixty Hour War when he was ten years old. He was subsequently sent to live in an Imperial orphanage, where he was brainwashed by Imperial propaganda. Before he reached age of 16, D' Ink was enlisted into the Imperial Security Bureau where he fell under the influence of the ISB agent Tolamyn Cayble. During the Galactic Civil War, D' Ink infiltrated the Friends of Paran, a Derilyn-based anti-Imperial resistance group, in an attempt to discover what attacks the group had planned against the Empire. D' Ink saved the lives of several members of the resistance group on various occasions and was able to penetrate the Friends of Parans' inner circle, and he became a trusted member of the group and a resident of the Friends of Paran base in the city Knellis. After a band of Rebel Alliance operatives made contact with the Friends, D' Ink and several other Friends of Paran members accompanied the Rebels on a mission to infiltrate Derilyn's Imperial Monitoring Garrison. In the aftermath of the mission, D' Ink betrayed the location of the Friends of Paran base to the Empire and Imperial forces commenced an assault on the facility. D' Ink and Cayble oversaw the attack and the Rebel agents fled the base and confronted D' Ink, resulting in his death.

Personality and traitsEdit

Dineas D' Ink was an arrogant, aggressive and egotistical individual. He was also a skilled infiltration specialist.