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The Diplomat Hotel,[1] or simply the Diplomat, was a large skyscraper located in the Federal District (formerly the Senate District) of Imperial City, the planet-wide city of Coruscant.[2] Situated close to the Galactic Courts of Justice and the City Municipal Authorities Building, the hotel catered to a galactic clientele, and offered its guests simulated atmospheres to suit their individual preferences.[1] With a floor at level 5120[2] and its peak visible above 5127, the current surface level of its time,[1] it spanned at least seven levels.[1][2] At one point, Admiral Garrick Versio of the Galactic Empire's Imperial Security Bureau booked a suite for the members of the freshly minted Inferno Squad. The suite's room had controls to wake its occupant with gradual light, with an illumination range from 1 to 10. Some rooms light up automatically when entered, and the lights could be turned off, when the guest spoke a verbal command. Iden Versio encountered all of these features when staying at the Diplomat.[2]



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