A direct democracy (sometimes referred to as "everyone is right" democracies) was a system of government, a type of democracy. In a direct democracy, the people chose representatives who would assemble (for instance, in a world Senate) and vote about global matters. It was considered an optimist government, as it valued the opinion of each of its components.

The planet H'nemthe had a direct democracy. The H'nemthes formed a Senate with electees selected by local governments. Commonly female H'nemthes had the higher elected positions, because male H'nemthes were prone to die suddenly. Young female H'nemthes commonly studied political sciences and history to prepare for their roles as representatives of their society.

In the official field manual for the military forces of the Galactic Empire, when explaining the need for the New Order and the mistakes of the Old Republic, the Republic's system was referred to as "'everyone is right' democracies" in a derogatory manner.


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