Discril-class attack cruisers were small capital ships originally built for the defense fleet of the planet Daupherm.


Though the Discril-class was a mere corvette by Imperial Navy standards, they served as the main attack vessel of the Daupherm Marine Corps during the Daupherm-Botor Conflict. Their armament was adequate for skirmishes between low-tech fleets, but the Daupherm Planet States eventually realized they were falling behind the technology curve, and the Discril-class was slowly phased out of service around the time of the Battle of Yavin.

Many of these ships were stored away in reserve and others were scrapped, but some made their way into the galaxy at large. A few were legally sold on the used arms market, and at least one was stolen by its captain. They served especially well as pirate vessels.

The crime lord Rei'kas had several Discril cruisers in the fleet that attacked Exocron in 19 ABY.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name of this ship's world of origin has been spelled as "Daupherm," "Duapherm," and possibly "Dawferm." "Daupherm" is the most numerous spelling, but "Duapherm" was used in the latest source.

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