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This article is about the occupation and title. You may be looking for the device sonic dishwasher.
"I don't care who you were. You are dishwasher now."
Borkus to "Gregor"[src]

The dishwasher was a type of job, usually with low wages.

In Roan Novachez's second year at the Jedi academy at the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant, a training academy for Jedi Padawan, he and several of his classmates were assigned to work together in a group to create a droid. In the plans for the droid, designed for lightsaber combat training, which Roan dubbed the Multi-Armed Dueling Simulator Droid (M.A.D.S.), he suggested "cafeteria dishwasher" as a possible supplemental function.

Gregor worked as a dishwasher in Power Sliders, in Pons Ora, on Abafar in 20 BBY. Given the job by Borkus of the Power Sliders diner, he toiled for little more than room and board, but gladly left his job when Colonel Meebur Gascon informed him that he had been a clone commando in the Grand Army of the Republic.[1]

KT-18, a housekeeping droid given by Luke Skywalker to Han Solo as a gift, specialized in stain removal, dishwashing and window cleaning.



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