"Not a weapon, sir. It's a tool of medicine. I wasn't asked to turn over my bandages, bacta treatments, disinfectant sprays, or tranquilizers either, but I can kill a man with any of them, under the right circumstances."
―Doctor Ton Phanan, to a stunned Colonel Atton Repness[src]

A disinfectant spray was a tool of medicine.[1]

Wraith Squadron pilot Ton Phanan was known to carry one due to his role as the squadron's doctor. Unlike some doctors, he was capable of killing a man with disinfectant spray, among other tools usually used to heal, such as bacta. This was a highly unorthodox usage of disinfectant spray, however, and as such the revelation that it could be employed in such a manner was troubling to Colonel Atton Repness of New Republic Starfighter Command.[1]

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