The Dissection droid was a droid in the service of the extra-galactic Abominor known as the Great Heep.


After warning R2-D2 of the imminent danger if he were to remain in the Great Heep's Droid harem, C-3PO was captured by the Heep and sent to be disassembled by a dissection droid. In the disassembly room, C-3PO was strapped to a table as the dissection droid prepared its instruments to dismantle the protocol droid.

But before the droid could make the first cut, C-3PO was able to free one of his arms and press a lever to the side of the table. The table lifted the C-3PO to the ceiling, tilted to one side, and deposited him on a conveyor belt filled with metal scrap bound for the smelter.