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The Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor was the highest award available to Imperial personnel. Commander Nash Windrider and other officers nominated Captain Ciena Ree for the award for sacrificing herself by crashing her Star Destroyer Inflictor before letting it be captured in the Battle of Jakku. Unbeknownst to them, however, Ree had been rescued by her lover Thane Kyrell and was imprisoned by the New Republic. Lieutenant Dalven Kyrell, Thane's brother, recommended instead that she be awarded the Medal of Honor in order to avoid an appearance of factionalism. However, his Commander Nash Windrider disagreed and pointed out that Ciena had purportedly died trying to deny the Inflictor to the New Republic.[1]

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The Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor was first mentioned in 2015's canon novel Lost Stars, by Claudia Gray.


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